B D Burge Byron Burge, Principal and Founder

BEI Business Development Advisory Services

A proven Business Development Advisor working to make more, larger and more profitable relationships and transactions happen for you faster.

Understanding clearly the essence of your value proposition, competitive differentiators and strengths.

Delivering better insights, solutions and processes that deliver better results.

Leveraging, targeting and communicating with a nationwide network of relationships with decision makers.

Acting as a strategic connector to the biggest potential buyers of your products or services.

Driving strategic and tactical processes that create significant business development results.

Creating effective sales processes and proposals designed to simplify the buying process and provide long-term solutions for your customers.

Significant business development relationships and transactions happen faster when BEI joins your team as a proven business development advisor. Whether you are intent on getting in front of a small number of significant potential buyers or needing to improve your business development processes, BEI will shorten the time frame to get the desired result.